Saving Tip Start the habit! Take your child to the bank with you and make it a big deal! Encourage
Saving Tip Start a money journal with your child. Track what you buy, when you buy it, the price, and
Savings Tip Lead by example - Financial stability is a popular New Year's resolution among adults. Why not show your
Saving Tip WANTS vs. NEEDS - Helping your children to understand the difference between a want and a need can
FUND MY FUTURE SAVING TIP: Start a conversation. Teaching your children about saving does not have to be scary! Find
When Caroletha Morant’s child entered kindergarten, she heard about a program in the school called Fund My Future. The program would
Fund My Future highlights the February 2018 participant of the month, Kimberly Turner-Livsey and son Laron Livsey. Starting the Conversation
For the month of May, two charter schools will compete head-to-head to see which can create more Fund My Future
Fund My Future staff and participants partner up with the Allegheny Partners for Out-Of-School Time to advocate for after school
Check out some of Fund My Future's participants taking part in Take Your Child to Work Day across Pittsburgh and