Better Save Than Sorry Three-Part Saving Series

  • Families can choose to attend the Fund My Future Three-Part Saving Series at their own pace or as part of a community partner requirement.
  • Everyone can benefit from the three-part series, whether they are already saving for their children or haven’t gotten started yet.
  • Attending all three sessions is most beneficial for providing families with the basic fundamentals of saving for both parent and child.
  • Families may choose to attend one, two, or all three sessions, depending on their interests and needs.


Learn everything there is about how fun it can be to save for your child’s future. Already saving for your child? Then this is for you. New to saving for your child? Then this is for you too. Would you like a chance to win $1000 a month? Then we hope to see you! If you’re a grandparent, aunt or uncle, you too can have fun while saving and get monthly chances to win. Learn the three steps to PLEDGE, SAVE, WIN and we’ll help you sign up. Simply attend the “All About Fund My Future” savings session and you’ll be glad you took the time to do it.



Attend this session with representatives from various financial institutions who will showcase their children’s savings products. Learn the difference between credit unions and banks. Learn what a PA529 College and Career Savings Plan is and how you can claim your child’s $100 starter deposit from PA Treasury’s Keystone Scholars. Then decide which product is best for you and start your child on their road to saving.

T his session is strongly recommended for those who completed Session 1 and still need to establish a savings account for their child.




Do you have personal saving goals? Would like to build your credit? Fund My Future will work closely to connect you with the right resources to better assist you with saving for you and your child’s future. We will explore all options so you can pick what best fits your situation. Meet a financial counselor from the Financial Empowerment Center and learn about their free, one-on-one services. Better SAVE than Sorry.


To schedule a Fund My Future series, please contact us at
833.SAVEWIN (728-3946) or